Shashonna Knecht – Tattoo artist in Portland, OR – Email

Where are you located?

Infinity Tattoo
3316 N Lombard St., Portland OR

Do you accept cash and/or card?

Yes! I accept both cash and major credit cards. Tips in cash preferred.

What should I include in my design proposal?

Please include the ideal size, style (blackwork, dotwork, simple linework, colorwork, font, ect), your ideal budget, placement, and any specific requests that will be vital to the design.

Do you do custom designs, how do I book a custom design with you?

Yes, Custom designs are always welcome. I enjoy working with clients and helping bring their vision to life. I do charge a drawing fee for custom designs, this will generally be taken during a client consultation.

How do I book a appointment with you?

Send me your Tattoo Proposal via the Contact page and I will email you back to set up a appointment if the tattoo is simple, or to set up a consult if the design is a custom piece.

I have an appointment booked with you, when will I be able to see the design mock up?

I typically send the design mock up around 2-3 days before our scheduled appointment.

What should I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Eat a large meal before your appointment and bring snacks.
Come to your appointment rested and hydrated.
You may bring a friend, but not a whole crowd.
Wear comfortable clothing.